The Best Female Primary Care Doctors

Meet the Best Female Internal Medicine, Primary Care and Lifestyle Medicine Doctors

Have you ever found yourself searching online for something along the lines of “best female internal medicine doctors near me” because you’re not happy with receiving sub-par care from doctors that don’t understand your needs as a woman? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Meet our team – a group of highly educated primary care physicians. While other doctors might understand pregnancy, menopause, and other conditions of the female organs, at San Mateo Primary Care, we’re women serving women, so we intimately understand the specific medical needs and concerns of other women and can address them accordingly. With us, the descriptor “best female internal medicine doctors near me” is not an opinion but a fact.

How do we ensure we offer the best internal care for women you might ask? Well, in addition to intimately understanding women’s medical needs, we look at the person and the perceived problem holistically. While most other doctors take a traditional medical approach, analyzing only the perceived problem, at San Mateo Primary Care, we combine traditional medicine with evidence-based care, highlighting the perceived problem within the biological, psychological, and socioeconomic context surrounding the person. By analyzing the perceived problem under this lens, we’re able to view situations more comprehensively than others, allowing us to return a more accurate diagnosis and plan of action.

As part of this holistic approach, we like to address the specific concern(s) at hand while also taking proactive measures to ensure lifelong health. Specific preventative measures include offering cooking classes and workshops with our Registered Dietician to teach you how to shop and cook with healthy ingredients, helping you manage daily stress and anxiety, helping you to avoid medications you don’t need, coordinating with your specialists to make sure everyone is on the same page, and so much more! Imagine your family has a history of heart disease, and instead of simply shoving pills down your throat, your doctor worked with you to lower your stress and anxiety levels, create a better sleep schedule, introduce more healthy eating habits into your routine, and establish a workout routine. We truly believe you are not destined to your genetics or current circumstance. Refreshing, right? At San Mateo Primary Care, this is how we operate; we offer lifestyle medicine solutions for YOU.

Additionally, we understand life can get hectic, and while you may be searching for “best female internal medicine doctors near me,” sometimes you can’t always make the drive or simply don’t want to! As such, we offer tele-visits, so you can always get the care you need at your convenience. On the flip side, we also offer longer appointment times, so we can tackle everything we need in one appointment! Not only do these options offer elevated levels of convenience, they also ensure you can see the doctor on your terms, potentially saving you huge urgent care or emergency room bills in the future.

At the end of the day, there are few things more important than your health, so you want to make sure your doctor thoroughly understands you and your needs. This is especially important for women as we have specific medical concerns that need to be addressed accordingly. At San Mateo Primary Care, we’re women serving women and patients from all backgrounds and stages in life, so we get it. This fact combined with our holistic approach and overall flexibility, makes us the only logical choice! Your medical choices today determine your health tomorrow. Choose wisely; choose San Mateo Primary Care.  Choose Dr. Seema Sangwan and Dr. Gurpreet K Padam to be on your team!

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