Same day visits, longer visits with board-certified internal medicine physicians who know you.


Geriatrics and Home Visits


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Prevention across the ages

How do we do it?

Concierge medicine is no longer a luxury these days. It should not take months to get an appointment to see your doctor. We facilitate access and time so we get to know you. We do this by limiting our patient panel. You feel comfortable coming in when you don't feel well and when you want to stay well. See all the other ways we keep you healthy. In our practice, prevention is proactive.




Televists so you can get the care and follow up you need conveniently.

We do home visits for home-bound patients. Call us for more info.

For our mature patients- avoiding polypharmacy, coordinating with your specialists, being proactive about safety.

Access to our own clinical case manager to help you if you need more help at home, need to make a move temporarily or permanently.

Showing you “Food as Medicine” through lectures and hands-on cooking courses

Longer appointments, same day appointments and lunch time appointments.

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Office Hours:

Monday 9-5

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Our office continues to be open to phone calls, questions and televisits. We have postponed routine visits and physicals but will still see our chronically ill patients and other acute non-infectious visits. Our goal is to keep our urgent cares and emergency rooms free to care of critical patients.

Please like our Facebook page for reliable updates and information about COVID-19. Please note that the situation remains dynamic and we will post best available information.

As always, contact us with your concerns.

*Lunchtime appointments available



Existing patients can make an appointment by calling or emailing us at


New patients can email us (

or call us at 650 435 8211 for more information or to schedule a Meet and Greet with either physician. We are still open to new new patients and are doing our Meet and Greets via TelevisitThanks for understanding.

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