Corporate Concierge Medicine


Your own health clinic without the cost


Why corporate Concierge?

Companies are promoting high-deductible employee healthcare plans to reduce costs. However, these plans can lead to employees putting off doctors' visits because of high out-of-pocket costs. Small medical issues become big issues, leading to absences and decreased productivity.


Why san mateo primary care?

  • Experienced physicians offer personalized and preventive care

  • Unlimited primary care visits, resulting in fewer specialty referrals, unnecessary testing, urgent care and ER visits

  • Seamless patient on-boarding to Sutter, UCSF, Stanford with MyHealthOnline app. We are the only private concierge on EPIC- connected to Sutter, UCSF, Stanford with MyHealthOnline app


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Happy, Healthy Employees

  • Unique employee benefit to attract and retain talent

  • Engaged patients have been shown to reduce overall healthcare costs*

  • Help employees get care for anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, nutrition, etc

  • Preventative care and evidence-based lifestyle medicine (cooking classes, lectures, InBody composition, etc)


For Employees

Because who your physician is, matters

  • Enroll 25-100 people

  • Start-ups/small companies

  • Consistent personal physician

  • Fixed cost for unlimited primary care visits

  • Increase employee engagement with health care, decrease overall costs


For Executives

Reinventing executive health care

  • Enroll your busiest people

  • Small/Large Companies

  • Consistent personal physician

  • Fixed cost for unlimited primary care visits

  • Not just a physical- a continuum of care


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