Evidence Based Care for Women

The Need for Evidence Based Care for Women and Medically Complex Patients

Have you ever gone to the doctor and felt that you weren’t getting the level of care you needed? That you weren’t being heard? That you were seen as just another patient and your personal needs weren’t being addressed? We’ve heard it all too often – especially as it relates to women and medically complex patients. While it should be common sense to look at the person and the problem holistically, it often times is not, resulting in far too many people not receiving the attention to detail needed.  At San Mateo Primary Care, we’ve recognized this flaw amongst health care practitioners and within the health care system overall, and have committed ourselves to working with women and medically complex patients to find holistic solutions to their unique problems. How exactly do we do this? We’re glad you asked.

San Mateo Primary Care’s Evidence-Based Approach.

At San Mateo Primary Care, we are physicians that incorporate traditional medicine with modern, evidence-based care. Evidence-based care that takes into account the biological, psychological, and socioeconomic context surrounding the patient; it forces you to include factors like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress among other things in your overall wellness assessment of the patient. This model puts the patient at the center rather than the perceived issue like with traditional medicine. By combining this approach with that of traditional medicine, patients receive a more accurate diagnosis and better overall experience.

Women and Medically Complex Patients Have Unique Needs

Not only is this the best way to treat all medical issues, it is especially so for women and medically complex patients. Medically complex patients by definition are “individuals who need extra care due to complex medical issues that are often times compounded by social, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors.”(1) If you do not include evidence-based care in your practice, you are essentially ignoring this group.The same is true when it comes to women. Women have unique health issues including pregnancy, menopause and other conditions of the female organs. Not only this, but “some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently”(2) making it evidently clear women require unique care that only a holistic view of the patient can truly provide.At San Mateo Primary Care, we understand every patient has specific needs – especially women and medically complex patients – that require specific solutions. Our goal is to work with patients to approach medical issues from all sides to solve current problems quickly and efficiently and to prevent future problems from occurring. Learn more about our primary care clinic that utilizes evidence-based medicine to help our patients here.

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