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Who are we?


We are a primary care concierge clinic that is a combination of throwback-old-school medicine and modern evidence-based care. Evidence-based medicine includes data about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, meditation, etc that we incorporate into your wellness plan.

We are an independent practice that is part of the Sutter Health network that utilizes EPIC as our electronic health record, connecting us to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Stanford, UCSF and Northern California Kaiser and many other major health care systems. We are on staff at Mills Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, CA and offer home visits to patients who are unable to come to our office (please see Geriatrics to see which residential facilities we currently visit).

What is wrong with medicine today?

In the 1960s, Americans had the highest life expectancy of developed countries. We now rank 34th in the world according to 2018 World Health Organization data. For the second year in a row, life expectancy in the United States has fallen again. Medical care in the United States today is reactive- we do something only when something happens. Something like a heart attack, stroke or cancer. 


What if we could be proactive? Studies show that an elevated blood pressure in your 20s (>SBP 120) could portend elevated cardiovascular or stroke risk in middle age.  Prediabetes can also be diagnosed in your 20s and is reversible. Anxiety, stress, insomnia can also increase your risks of heart disease, stroke and other inflammatory diseases and with recognition, can change the course of these conditions.  


Proactive is avoiding medications you don’t need, coordinating with your specialists to make sure everyone is on the same page, giving you same day appointments to head off more serious illness, offering you tele-vists- so you could get the care you need conveniently. In the era of high deductible insurance plans, getting into see your regular doctor can save you huge bills from urgent care centers and emergency rooms.


You are not destined to your genetics or current circumstances. If you know you have a family history of diabetes, hypertension, dementia, obesity, it is never too late to either prevent or halt progression of your disease. We believe in using food as medicine, exercise, meditation and sleep as adjunctive treatment to our traditional internal medicine knowledge.

Get to Know Us

Seema Sangwan MD

San Francisco Magazine: Top Doctors: 2019, 2020 

Castle Connolly Regional Top Doctors: 1st Edition 

Exceptional Women In Medicine: 2019

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 I'm a board-certified internist with almost two decades of experience in primary care, hospital-based care and palliative medicine. 


After practicing medicine in these different settings, I found my calling in primary care. I wanted to practice in a setting that patients could truly call their medical home.



I wondered, how I can help build a community where patients can learn about living their best lives with the backing of evidence-based medicine?  I realized I could make a bigger impact on my patients with a preventive care focus. We have created a practice that encourages patients to come in for any questions that impact their lives and know that they will get help.


After Dr Selvakumar joined the practice, I realized that we shared the same enthusiasm and optimism to change healthcare. So here we are!


I am married with two boys and we spend our weekends hiking, swimming and studying ants with my children.

Pradeepa Selvakumar MD FACP

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I'm also a board-certified internist who practiced hospital medicine for over 12 years and joined Dr Sangwan in 2017 after she convinced me that the real trenches of medicine are in primary care. 


After years of taking care of sick patients on the hospital floors, I realized that many of these diseases and hospital admissions were preventable. Preventable if patients had access to a primary care doctor that was able to prevent problems before they started and prevent acute issues from becoming serious.


My interest in prevention was inspired by my family in England who benefited from a multi-pronged approach to keep them healthy and independent. Healthcare in the U.K. aims to prevent disease and instead of waiting for a catastrophic event.


I live in San Mateo with my husband and two young daughters. I love food and babies and can be found at the San Mateo Farmers Market or the playground. 

Lily Robles MA

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My name is Lily, I graduated from the Certified Medical Assistant program at De Anza College in 2017. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I fell in love with internal medicine while completing my externship here at San Mateo Primary Care where I discovered that this field allows me to learn something new everyday. While away from the office I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I also enjoy traveling, listening to music and spending time with my family.


Janelle Sistoso MA

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My Name is Janelle and I graduated from the Certified Medical Assistant program at Carrington College in 2019. I am bilingual in English and Tagalog. As a Filipina, it is in my nature to be very caring and working here at San Mateo Primary Care, I found that internal medicine truly allows me to show my love for helping others. Outside of the office I love photography, going on adventures and spending time with my fiancé and family.



Vani Chopra PhD, MS, RD

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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and have been in the field of food and nutrition for over 10 years. I have experience working with a wide variety of populations such as those with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders and other obesity-related chronic health conditions.

Achieving and maintaining good health is not about short-term changes in diet and food habits. It is about improving your lifestyle with healthy eating and consistent physical activity.

I want to help people get to this lifestyle by motivating and empowering them to take small steps towards a long-term healthy behaviour change.

I am passionate about food and enjoy living in San Francisco with my husband with a hope to have an impact on the health and eating habits of the  Bay Area community.



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Cindi is our clinical case manager, more info coming soon!

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