Simirthi Singh

Simirthi Singh will be a 4th year student at University of the Pacific pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences.  Through her studies, Simirthi has always made connections between the courses she’s taken and medicine. She is particularly interested in being able to bring in her knowledge about cultural identity and communication to better understand patients in a clinical setting. 

Previously Simirthi has worked with local providers in the dental, medical and psychiatric research fields. She has helped coordinate data collection for various studies, collaborated on a multidisciplinary meta-analysis paper for resilience, and  has helped implement covid screening procedures during the pandemic.  In addition to her academic passions in psychology and biology, she is also a part of the school’s Indian Student Association serving as president and is also a part of the Medical Brigade Club and Pre-med society. Through her involvement in these clubs she has found a sense of community in school as well as built her leadership skills. 

In 2021, Simirhti also launched her own photography business, where she was able to gain knowledge and experience in web design, social media and professionalism. She hopes to use these tools to help others and make connections with those around her, especially the patients she interacts with.   Throughout this internship, Simirthi not only hopes to gain new skills and knowledge in the field of medicine and private practice , but also learn through her patient and doctor interactions.   

She aims to assist in all aspects of the private practice including both the clinical operations as well as back office operations to help provide effective healthcare. Simirthi hopes to bring her past experiences from research, clinic, and her business in order to learn, grow and understand medical practice.   On most weekends, you will not only find Simirthi with her family and dog but you will also see her working with her creative side through photography.