Shaheen Khatua

Shaheen Khatua is a 3rd year student at UC Davis pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cell biology. She is an avid advocate for preventative healthcare and lifestyle medicine. She believes that taking care of our bodies and mind in the present will be beneficial in the long run in order to improve quality of life and prevent disease. To achieve this, she promotes fueling the body with good food, leading an active lifestyle, finding ways to cope with stress, and keeping up with your primary care physician.

As a pre-med student, she is most interested in studying the intersection of medicine and economics. Economics provides a critical view into the world of health medicine. In order to best serve an increasingly diverse population, the study of healthcare economics will be pivotal in understanding how to implement new policies. In the future, she hopes to be able to study these concepts in depth and work towards a healthy and equitable future.

Coming into the clinic this summer, she is excited to learn from her colleagues and mentors while applying her knowledge in ways that can best serve the diverse patient population. During her free time, you will most likely find Shaheen in the kitchen.