Jasleen Ghai

Jasleen Ghai is a 3rd year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Integrative Biology. She is interested in delving into the complexities of human biology and learning more about science behind everyday human conditions. As a pre-med student, she has served the Bay Area community in a clinical setting by working at free clinics around the area and assisting in providing general health screening to those without insurance.

By working with local providers, Jasleen has helped create resources, implement telehealth clinics, and assist in COVID vaccination clinics during the pandemic. In addition, she continues to pursue her academic passions by participating in cognitive science and public health research.

To encourage involvement in research at Berkeley, Jasleen has been a mentor for her peers, leading a group publication on eScholarship. She hopes to continue working with fellow peers, researching and publishing studies in the field of cognitive science. Jasleen is passionate about working with communities to provide long-term care and allowing access to information to all communities.

Throughout her internship, Jasleen hopes to not only gain new skills and knowledge in the field of medicine, but learn through her patient experiences and interactions. She aims to support patients and clinical operations in order to facilitate effective healthcare. Jasleen hopes to bring her past experiences and skills to this internship in order to grow, learn, and better assist in a clinical setting. During her free time, you can find Jasleen exploring the Bay Area, spending time with her friends and family, and fueling her love for coffee.