Avineet Ghai

Avineet Ghai is a 2nd-year student at the University of California, Riverside majoring in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. Throughout high school she always took initiative when it came to building a community within her school. She created the school’s Medical Club, Cheerleading, and Anatomy Club to use her passion to help others. By creating these clubs, she built a sense of community in the school and sharpened her leadership abilities.

Additionally, Avineet had been teaching and tutoring students of all ages for years. Not only has she privately tutored students, she has also taught an Emergency Medicine class at her school. Alongside her knowledge and experience with medicine, she had involvement in social media marketing, teaching, and web designing making her well suited for communication and leadership. She has been a social media marketer for two companies during 2020-2021, which has given her experience in a whole different realm.

She hopes to combine her knowledge of social media marketing, teaching, and medicine in this internship and gain further knowledge through her peers during the process. During this internship, she hopes to gain experience working with patients and her peers. Avineet hopes to use her versatile knowledge to aid people in the future.