Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine & Chronic Disease Management

We understand that managing one’s health and chronic diseases is a complex issue. There are unlimited resources on the internet and numerous books one can find. However, the solutions are not as easy as following a recipe in a cookbook. It is easy to dictate a list of things a person needs to do and yet not always easy to implement. Short of a magic pill or that secret formula, the mantra of “eat well and exercise” seems simple – yet we understand that it isn’t so. The smallest changes can be complex and inviting change seems more of a challenge as we grow. You will learn how even smaller changes can Impact longevity, health, happiness, and quality of life.

In our practice, we go above and beyond the traditional dictate of “eat less, move more” and help people realize their full health potential. We believe in the power of a positive collaborative approach to lifestyle changes. We believe in the healing power of self-care through nourishing food, quality sleep, stress management, physical activity, and social connections. No one formula will prevent or reverse disease. However, anybody at any age or stage can make small changes every day to have the best quality of life possible. No matter how young or old, we can work with you and get you to your best of health and provide you with tools and community to keep you there because we know life happens!

Our compassionate, non-judgmental focus is on the positives and personal strengths to target what is possible to reduce the risk of death and disability due to chronic diseases. We believe in being a partner in health and a part of your health care team to support and realize one’s maximum health potential truly. It is never too late to invite wellness in your life.  Call or email us to find out more.