Seema Sangwan

About Dr. Sangwan

I’m a board-certified internist with almost two decades of experience in primary care, hospital-based care and palliative medicine.

After practicing medicine in these different settings, I found my calling in primary care. I wanted to practice in a setting that patients could truly call their medical home.

I wondered, how I can help build a community where patients can learn about living their best lives with the backing of evidence-based medicine?  I realized I could make a bigger impact on my patients with a preventive care focus. We have created a practice that encourages patients to come in for any questions that impact their lives and know that they will get help.

After Dr Selvakumar joined the practice, I realized that we shared the same enthusiasm and optimism to change healthcare. So here we are!

I am married with two boys and we spend our weekends hiking, swimming and studying ants with my children.