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We offer secure HIPAA compliant video visits. It’s understandable that meeting in the office is not always convenient. Online appointments allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in person. No need to take time off work, find a sitter or deal with traffic in order to meet with us. 


How to set up a televisit?

Please call our office (650) 435-8211 to set up an appointment for a televisit. To start the visit, you will be sent a secure link or can click below.

What can be treated?

A wide range of minor, non-critical conditions such as rashes, pink-eyes, sinus, urinary issues, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn via televisit. 

You can also use a televisit for follow-up consultations regarding anxiety, sleep, depression, diabetes care and management, to renew prescriptions, review labs and for general questions about any medical issue you may have.

In some cases, the doctor may ask you to physically come to the office, if she feels that a physical exam is desirable.


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