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Primary Care

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!

  • Primary care is preventive care! Let's attack conditions like prediabetes and prehypertension. These conditions start as early as your 20s and can lead to cardiovascular events in middle age.
  • Women's Health includes pap smears, breast exams, post partum issues, perimenopausal issues, family planning, stress, anxiety, sleep.
  • Men's Health includes evaluating for cardiovascular risk, family planning, stress, anxiety, sleep.
  • We also offer genetic testing for those with a family history of cancer and home sleep studies interpreted by a local sleep specialist.



How do we implement wellness?

  • After establishing care or your first physical, we can schedule an extensive evaluation that includes vision, body fat measurement (InBody 570), lifestyle evaluation of your over health that includes nutrition, sleep, fitness assessment, posture that includes a report that creates a personalized, educational, and data-driven roadmap to health for every patient.
  • We will measure and track overall prevention, cardiovascular, metabolic and nutrition scores.
  • We will follow up quarterly, either in person or via televisit.
  • We will help you reach your goals with cooking classes, nutrition lectures, recipes on website/social media and incorporate wellness in your regular medical visits.
  • We will help manage anxiety, stress, sleep disorders with first behavioral modifications and counseling.
  • This is not an overnight overhaul; these are step by step improvements that will integrate into your existing life, diet and busy work schedule.
  • We have some patients who don't have the time for separate appointments. We can incorporate wellness into your regular visits.


What are our goals?

As we age, our hope is to live independently, stay mobile, remain socially connected and prevent hospitalization.

How do we do this?

Encouraging evidence-based activities such as avoiding polypharmacy, preserving memory, giving timely appropriate vaccinations, avoiding falls, exercise plans, etc. We address:

  • sleep disorders
  • polypharmacy
  • social isolation
  • anxiety/depression
  • manage chronic disease
  • early intervention
  • case management assistance
  • home visits currently to the Peninsula Regent and the Versailles residential communities for home-bound patients. Please call to see if we can visit you at your facility or home.
  • televisits/same-day appointments

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